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Ballarat Solar Company has completed commercial solar panels supply and installation for businesses big and small.

As licensed and accredited solar installers in Ballarat we have provided basic 10kW solar power systems to complex ones over 300kW, to a range of clients over the years. These include:

Where our commercial solar panels fits in?

From saving on your energy bills to operating your business in the most sustainable manner and getting paid for the excess power generated by your solar system, your commercial building can benefit in many ways by installing a solar system in Ballarat.

Get the best commercial solar panel assessment

With our thorough industry knowledge and expertise gained over the years, once we have collected details of your energy demand, electricity rates and location we can provide you with a detailed and accurate commercial solar panel assessment in Ballalrat with respect to:

Environment friendly solar panel upgrade for your business

So if you are serious about the environment, and want to offset your electricity consumption for your business with a cheaper and sustainable alternative in the form of solar, why not avail of the ongoing government rebate for business and get your solar system installed today!.
Think solar is the way to go for your business? Feel free to get in touch with us.

Solar Panels And Solar Batteries

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Sungrow Solar Inverter

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Enphase solar inverter

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