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Why do you need a solar battery installed?

Looking for Solar Batteries in Ballarat and need a trusted solar installer to get the job done for you? You have come to the right place. 

If you are an energy conscious homeowner or business owner and have roof-top solar, it makes good economic sense to have a solar battery storage system to store any unused solar power that your system has generated during the day.

But there is a lot to consider before you can decide which solar battery for home or business is right for you. 

Let’s dig in further and answer some of the most burning questions our customers have regarding their next solar battery installation in Ballarat.

A solar battery installation is a smart choice by many home or business owners because it lets them capture unused electricity for later use. This makes solar battery storage a popular choice helping you become entirely or largely (depending upon your system) independent of energy companies.

soltaro Aio2 solar battery

Benefits of solar batteries

Solar Battery Storage helps you save

When you are installing solar panels for your home, the excess energy your system produces can be exported to the grid. But when you buy the same energy, it will cost you 3 X more. With a solar battery storage, you can use the energy produced by your system anytime you want, without this added expense.

Reduce your carbon footprint:

Imagine a world with solar panels on every rooftop and solar batteries in every home. Just like solar panels allow us to harness the power of the sun, solar batteries let us use all the energy that our system produces, helping us reduce our dependence on any other form of energy, thereby cutting down our carbon footprint.

How to choose the best solar battery for your solar power system?

When deciding which solar battery storage solution should you go for, there are a few things to check out first:

How much does a solar battery cost?

Solar battery cost depends highly on the capacity. If you are getting a new solar panel system installed, it makes good economic sense to get the solar battery installation done at the same time, rather than retrofitting the battery into an old system.

Is solar battery worth it?

While solar battery costs are still pretty high, prices are falling quickly. It’s good to always ensure your solar installer in Ballarat provides a strong warranty and is ready to provide support as and when needed.

How to get the benefit of Vic rebate for solar batteries?

Here’s the good news! For those who are thinking about solar battery installation in Ballarat, Victorian Government’s Solar Homes Program provides solar battery rebate with a point of sale discount up to a maximum of $4,174 until 30, June 2021.

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