Solar Panel Brands: Finding your perfect fit in Australia

By: Miles Hingston


Solar Panel Brands Finding your perfect fit in Australia - Copy

Solar energy is quickly becoming a way of life in Australia with more than 3.3 million households having rooftop solar according to Clean Energy Council Australia

From lights to security cameras, ventilation systems, water heaters, pumps, and more, Australian homes are embracing solar as a shift towards more sustainable and affordable living. 

Solar panels are no longer seen as a fringe addition to your rooftop. They have rather become a mainstream choice of energy production. Government rebates have further sweetened the deal, encouraging more and more households and businesses to go for a solar installation

With this rise in adoption, comes an increase in solar panel brands in Australia, each offering different benefits.  

So how do you know which one best fits your needs? We have listed the top 5 solar brands in Australia based on price, features, warranty, and after-sales service. We will explore this in more detail here. 

Criteria for selecting the best solar panel brand

Criteria for selecting the best solar panel brand

When it comes to choosing a solar panel brand, there are several key factors that you should consider to ensure that you get the best possible system for your needs. Here’s what to look for:

Efficiency and Performance

Look for solar panels with high-efficiency rates, which means they can convert more sunlight into electricity. This is particularly important if you have limited roof space.

Moreover, consider how well the panels perform under different conditions, such as high temperatures or low light. Panels that maintain performance in varied conditions will provide more consistent power.

Durability and Warranty

High-quality solar panels can withstand harsh weather conditions like hail, heavy rain, and high winds. Check for panels that have passed rigorous testing standards.

A long warranty period is often an indicator of the manufacturer’s confidence in their product. Look for warranties that cover the product for at least 20 years and performance guarantees for 25 years or more.

Price and Value for Money

While you shouldn’t choose solely based on price, it’s important to get quotes from several providers to compare costs.

Remember, the cheapest option isn’t always the best. Consider the long-term savings and return on investment that higher efficiency and durable panels can offer, even if they come with a higher initial cost.

After-sales Service and Support

Good customer service can make a big difference, especially if you encounter issues with your panels.

Check if the brand offers accessible after-sales support and services like maintenance, repair, or assistance with warranty claims.

By carefully evaluating each of these criteria, you can make an informed decision and choose a solar panel brand that offers the best combination of performance, durability, cost-effectiveness, and support.

The best solar panel brands in Australia

The best solar panel brands in Australia

Based on the above-mentioned criteria we have listed the best solar panel brands that are currently offered by installers. We have done a solar panel comparison between the top ones to help you out with your solar panel selection. 

1. REC Solar

REC is a well-known and original solar panel company that makes some of the best technology in the business. Their Alpha series panels are really good because they use special cells that make them work very well, and they’re just as good as the top solar panels you can buy. Even though there are lots of choices for solar panels out there, REC’s Twinpeak and N-peak panels are a good deal because they don’t cost too much, they work well, and they come with a 20-year guarantee for the product itself and a 25-year guarantee that they’ll keep performing well.

Efficiency: 19.5 – 22.3% (very high)

Price bracket: Medium to High

Warranty: 20 years

Service and support: 5/5

2. SunPower

SunPower, a company that started making really good solar cells in 2007, is known as one of the best solar panel makers around the globe. Now called Maxeon Solar Technologies in some regions, SunPower still makes some of the best solar panels out there. These panels work so well because of a special design they have, and they come with a promise that they’ll keep working at 88-90% of their original power for up to 40 years, which is one of the best guarantees you can get. While it comes in a moderate to very high price range, SunPower also has another type of panel called the P series. These are more budget-friendly, still of high quality, and come with a 25-year warranty.

Efficiency: 20.5 – 22.8% (very high)

Price bracket: Medium to Very High

Warranty: 25 to 40 years

Service and support: 5/5

3. Jinko Solar

Jinko Solar is right now the biggest maker of solar panels in the world. They’re known for making solar panels that don’t cost too much, are dependable, and work well for homes and businesses. Jinko Solar has set some new records for how well their solar cells work and has come up with some smart new ideas, making them one of the top companies for creating new solar technology. They’re at the forefront of using N-type cells, which are really good but still affordable, especially with their top-of-the-line Tiger NEO series panels.

Efficiency: 20.6 – 23.2% (very high)

Price bracket: Medium to Very High

Warranty: 12 to 25 years

Service and support: 4/5

4. Trina Solar

Trina Solar is a big company that makes solar panels from start to finish, and it’s known for making solar panels that are both good quality and not too expensive. They fit lots of different needs. In the past few years, Trina Solar has stepped up its game in coming up with new ideas. This is shown by their latest Vertex panels, which use some of the newest technology in solar cells and are almost as efficient as the high-end brands.

Efficiency: 19.8 – 22.5% (very high)

Price bracket: Medium to Very High

Warranty:  25 – 40 years

Service and support: 5/5

5. QCells

Q Cells started as a German solar company but now they’re in Seoul, South Korea. They’re famous for making good solar panels using technology that’s been around for a while. They might not make the most efficient panels out there, but their panels are usually very trustworthy and have done well in tests by an independent group called PVEL. Q Cells also offers home battery systems that you can put together in different ways. Plus, they’ve just come out with a cool new product called the Q.Home CORE series that can provide backup power right away if you need it.

Efficiency: 19.8 – 21.4% (high)

Price bracket: Medium 

Warranty:  12 – 25 years

Service and support: 4/5

Our Pick from the top Solar Panel Brands

Having completed solar installations for hundreds of households and businesses in Australia, we have found Jinko Solar to be the best choice in terms of efficiency and value for money. In terms of performance, its efficiency is very high and it offers a decent level of service and support to its customers. 

Installation and maintenance of your solar panels

Once you have made your solar panel selection, the next step is to get your supplier to carry out the installation for you. 

Solar panel installation

Your installer will carry out a site assessment. They will next design and plan the installation based on your household’s energy needs as well as the layout of your roof. They will obtain permits and complete the paperwork. They will carry out the actual installation of the panels, inverters, and other components. This may take a few days. Afterward, a local government official will inspect the installation before connecting your system to the grid. 

Solar panel maintenance

Once installed your solar panels will require very minimal maintenance. However, you should still regularly clean them. Get them inspected annually for possible issues, keep an eye on their performance and if you notice a drop, contact your installer to investigate the matter.

Wrapping up

Solar panels are all the rage and for a good reason. The energy produced from your solar system is not only clean but also free of cost. 

Several solar panel brands are being offered in Australia. Make sure when choosing the best solar panel brand, you consider various factors including efficiency, price, warranty, and after-sales support. 

As a CEC-certified solar panel installer, we offer comprehensive solar panel installation and maintenance services. Contact us today and we would be more than happy to schedule a consultation with you. 

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